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Below are some downloadable documents which you may find useful.


A    CV


B    Funeral Directive - a document completed before death setting out the kind of funeral

     desired. After death, it is often therapeutic for the bereaved to follow this through.


C    The Nature of Death - How the way we die has changed significantly in past decades.


D    How Green is Your Funeral - A document to enable people to asses the environmental

      impact of the different types of funerals.


E    To be a Tree - A review of a recent book (2013) about natural burial.


F    Improved Cremation Processes -  A review of proposed cremation alternatives and their

     anticipated impact on the market.


G    Spiritual Funerals - Naturally - Spiritual considerations when considering the choice of funeral.


H    Home (DIY) Funerals - Guidance on how to arrange a funeral without a funeral director.


I     Stonehenge & Sky Burial - I interpret what went on at Stonehenge.


J    Municipal Funeral Service - guide officers and councillors who are interested in organising a  

     council funeral service by contracting with a local funeral director


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